Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Here is a one I did of the Celtics. I was lucky enough to get it posted on thanks BDD.

it is:

KG as Batman

Sheed as Dr.Doom

Ray Allen as The Green Arrow

Paul Pierce as Superman

Perk as The Hulk

Rondo as Spiderman


Eric Goodwin said...

Sweet composition! Definitely feels heroic, and very, very green.

Mike Briggs said...

thanks ERock.I was going for green.

Anonymous said...

Mohamed from Realgm Celtics Board

Very sick drawing keep up the good work.

Mike Briggs said...

Thanks Mohamed! I appreciate it.

Sean kinne said...

Ha! Perk is by far the best caricature I've seen you do and now my favorite Briggs drawing. I wanna see one of just him as "lurch" from the Adams family...