Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Charity Wines

I was luck enough to be invited to the Tasting of the new Red Sox Charity Wine. I also had the good fortune to donate two pieces to a silent auction, which I can proudly say sold:)
I had an absolute blast!The Tasting was held at the Foundation Room in the House of Blues across the street from Fenway Park. Jacoby Ellsbury and Heidi Watney were in attendance. I was able to meet both Jacoby, who signed the drawing I did of him, and Heidi, she posed for a photo with me:) Josh Beckett is going to sign the drawing I did of him.
Go out and buy the wine (they are delicious), and help support Jacoby and Josh's charity's!!!


Alex said...

That is awesome!!
Let's see that Heidi photo!

Justin said...

Killer drawings Mike, and funny!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding! Great likeness!