Thursday, December 23, 2010

I made it into Worcester Mag! The Tea Party story was my contribution. I would like to thank Andy Fish for including me for this project. I think all the entries are great and I am very proud to be involved.

Each year top 10 lists abound. The best of everything is offered up ad nauseam, yet we keep on reading because we simply can’t help ourselves as we look back on the year we’ve just experienced.

At Worcester Mag we decided to do something different to run down the list of top news stories of 2010. Adding a little creativity to our news feed, Worcester Mag has asked ten local illustrators to take our list of top news stories and present them to you in comic form. Touching upon everything from City Square to Pit Bulls, our creative community offers up their take on the most talked about stories of 2010.

Pick up a copy, they are free!

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